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Sonata harley moll, 2013
Dir Ola Zielińska

Authorial comment: This video was realized in cooperation with Harley-Davidson Club in Szczecin and was made in Audiovisual Activities Lab conducted by dr hab. Kamil Kuskowski and Zorka Wollny.   Ola Zielińska is a student of new media and interior design at the Art Academy in Szczecin. Co- carator of the exhibition StartER Szczeciński at the festival 13Sphere. This work was presented at festivals: 22. European Film Festival for Documentaries - DocumentART 17. International Film Festiwal ZOOM  
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CONCERT incite/
incite/ is unorthodox danceable eye-catching audio-visual electronics.
Founded 2002 in Hamburg, the award-winning duo is criss-crossing art and club worlds. incite/ combines its futuristic electronic music and outstanding visuals to an immersive synesthetic adventure, complex and inspiring. A style of their own - somewhere between electro, glitch, dubstep and industrial - the duo's fragmented synth excursions and danceable noises are based on an extraordinary bass foundation.
The tightly synchronized greyscale HD-visuals oscillate between abstraction and semi-narration, inciting perception and awareness. incite/ has produced five major audio-visual live sets until today: iconicity (2004 - 2006), mindpiercing (2007 - 2009), dualicities (2009 - 2010), zoom studies (2010 - 2011) and holistic glue (premiered in fall 2012) and is already working on a further one. The duo already played many international festivals for media art, new music, electro, video art, rock and industrial, bridging the gap between digital art events and advanced club culture. 
Concert coorginized with the cycle IN PROGRESS.
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  • koen victoor
    Koen Victoor is the programmer and artistic coordinator of Circa, the culture centre that organizes several projects and festivals in the city of Gent in Belgium.
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Festival IN OUT
Animations/Documentaries/Short films/ Experiments/Short video forms/Gigs/Exhibitions /Workshops
Centre for Contemporary Art Łaźnia organizes the Festival IN OUT for the 8th time. The project evolves every year searching for new suggestions and solutions. The 7thedition of the festival was enriched with presentations that attempted to combine works of artists with different attitude towards film media and education. With the 8thedition we would like to continue this process in order to create permanent platform of communication between the artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and those who studied at Film Schools. The contest, Festival and exhibition are to trigger the dialogue among the artists as well as between schools and academies.
This year we invite artists to take part in the contest for the best:
Animations/Documentaries/Short films/ Experiments/Short video forms with the theme named BIO_GRAPHI(C/E)S
We are interested not only in the biographies or parallel biographies of well-known people, but also in the stories of people important of a particular artists or artist’s autobiographies. During the festival we would also like to analyze the biographies of animals, plants, items, cities, places. The title is divided into two stems: greek bíos – life and gráphō – to write; this way we wanted to underline our another area of interest – the process of writing/directed biographies - how do visual and film artist begin their work, how does the whole process look like, how do they decide on the choice of moments essential for the narrative and how do they create memories, stories and what do they reject, what can be forgotten, left out.
The contest has two stages, during the first one, until 10th of April 2014 the jury will choose 25 artists whose works would qualify to the second stage and those will be presented during the reviews and exhibitions is CCA Łaźnia. Artists will be invited to the contest in Gdańsk. The prizes will be funded by the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodship Mieczysław Struk and by the National Audiovisual Institute. The members of the jury are: Michał Chaciński, Mark-Paul Mayer i Łukasz Skąpski.
First prize in amount of 8 000 PLN (approximately 2 000 Euro) funded by National Audiovisual Institute
Second prize  in amount of 5 000 PLN (approximately 1 200 Euro) funded by the the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship Mieczysław Struk
In addition to the prize money will be awarded honorable mentions.  The best video works will also be made available  on the website of the National Audiovisual Institute ( and released on DVD.
The contests is directed at visual and film artists over 18.
Duration of the video: from 1 to 20 minutes.
The work should not be older than 3 years.
Deadline for applications with legibly filled with attachments is the 30th of March 2014.
Terms and required attachments for download:


Honorary Patronage of the project is held by the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodship Mieczyslaw Struk.
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